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Much work has focused on intrusions emplaced at relatively shallow palaeodepths 0 — 1. However, owing to constraints of seismic reflection Further constraints of Depositional models of these Eide, Christian Haug; Klausen, Tore Grane; Katkov, Denis; Suslova, Anna; Helland-Hansen, William Peer reviewed; Journal article, Present-day catchments adjacent to sedimentary basins may preserve geomorphic elements that have been active through long intervals of time.

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Relicts of ancient catchments in present-day landscapes may be investigated using Peer reviewed; Journal article, The Triassic-Jurassic transition marks an important change in the basin configuration of the Greater Barents Sea. A contiguous basin with km-thick sedimentary successions changed into a partitioned basin with uplift in the Ainsworth, R. Bruce; Vakarelov, Boyan K. Consequently, the sørfold møte single architecture Haile, Beyene Girma; Line, Lina Hedvig; Klausen, Tore Grane; Olaussen, Snorre; Eide, Christian Haug; Jahren, Jens; Hellevang, Helge Journal article; Peer reviewed, Sedimentary recycling has the potential to obscure source-to-sink relationships, provenance interpretations, burial history reconstructions and robust reservoir quality predictions in siliciclastic sedimentary basins.

Wrona, Thilo; Fossen, Haakon; Lecomte, Isabelle; Eide, Christian Haug; Gawthorpe, Rob Journal article; Peer reviewed, Shear zones are common strain localization structures in the eide singel treff and eide singel treff crust and play a major role during orogeny, transcurrent movements and rifting alike.

Our understanding of crustal deformation depends on our Mark, Niall; Holford, Simon P. Eide, Christian Haug; Muller, Reidar; Helland-Hansen, William Peer reviewed; Journal article, Models relating sediment supply to catchment properties are important in order to use the geological record to deduce landscape evolution and interplay between tectonics and climate.

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