Dating norway i sogndal. Høgskulen på Vestlandet - Høgskulen på Vestlandet

Village of Sogndalsstranda Landscape in Sokndal The parish of Soggendal later Sokndal was established as a municipality on 1 January see formannskapsdistrikt law. Inthe small lading place of Sogndal population: was separated from Sokndal as a municipality of its own.

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This left Sokndal with 2, residents. Hylkje singelklubb 12 Decembera small part of Sokndal population: 41 was transferred to neighboring Eigersund municipality. On 1 Julythe small lading place of Sogndal population: was reincorporated into Sokndal.

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Ina small area in Sokndal population: 7 was transferred to Eigersund. On 1 Januarythe Tjørn farm population: 10 was transferred from Eigersund to Sokndal.

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The first element is the genitive case of the river name Sókn now Sokno and the last element is dalr which means " valley " or "dale". Beforethe name was written "Sogndal" or "Soggendahl".

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The arms show three black pickaxes on a yellow background. These were chosen to symbolize the importance of mining and agriculture in the municipality.

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It was designed by Johan Digernes of Haugesund. It is part of the Dalane prosti deanery in the Diocese of Stavanger. Churches in Sokndal.

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