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Infection levels, — and deaths — in the U. Without quick action, there are fears that U. The U. Although coronavirus infections are rising throughout England, northern cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle have seen a disproportionate increase. While some rural areas in eastern Hustadvika online dating have less than 20 cases perpeople, major metropolitan areas such as Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham have recently recorded levels above pernearly as bad as Madrid or Brussels.

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As a result, national restrictions such as a 10 p. The speculation is household mixing, indoors or outside, will be banned in those areas put under the tightest restrictions.

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He is briefing members of the Cabinet by conference call Sunday. Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick on Sunday sought to assuage concerns that the government was being overly hierarchical in its approach.

As well as facing questions over its coronavirus strategy, government members were having to respond to accusations of potential wrongdoing. All rights reserved.

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