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Street art in the old town Old houses in Østervågen Vardø has a long settlement history before it was granted status as a town in Several stone-age sites as well as sites dating from the Sami Iron Age are known on the island.

In the Medieval period, Vardø's importance grew as a result of it being the easternmost stronghold of the then-expanding Norwegian royal power.

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A church was built in Vardø inand the first fortress was established at about the same time. Thick cultural layers in the southeastern part of the town, Østervågen, document continuous habitation in this area reaching back at least some years.

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Even if the presence of the fortress and king's bailiff gave Vardø a certain degree of permanence and stability not experienced by other fishing communities in Finnmark, the town's size and importance waxed and waned with the changing fortunes of the fisheries.

In the midth century Vardø had a population of to people. Byhowever, it had reduced to about In the 17th century, Vardø was the center of a great number of witchcraft trials.

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More than 90 persons, Norwegian and Sami, were given death sentences. They are commemorated in the Steilneset Memorial.

Today, Russia practices attacks at what for centuries used to be the hub of eastbound economic and cultural cooperation. How did Vardø become an express bomb target for Moscow? The building of a new American radar is just a part of the answer. And armed forces sign states that one may not take photos of the radar, though that is hardly to be understood in a literal sense.

After kvalsund datingsider, the town saw a marked expansion. The fisheries grew in importance, and so did the Pomor trade with Russia's White Sea region.

In the population reachedand in it passed 3 Most of the town center was destroyed, and the population was evacuated.

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After the war, the city center was completely reconstructed, but older, traditional houses survived in the periphery, such as in dating site i vardø old town in Østervågen. As ofthe fishing industry had collapsed. From tothe population shrank by 50 percent to 2, people.

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In May work to lay a new electric cable from the Norwegian mainland to the island began. The additional electricity is needed to power an American-funded radar system about 40 miles from Russia's Kola Peninsula, a territory studded with high-security naval bases and restricted military zones.

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The secrecy surrounding the radar systems has spawned fears that officials are covering up health hazards and other possible dangers. The electromagnetic pulses the current radar system emits interfere with television and radio reception, and some residents have blamed them for a rash of miscarriages and cancer cases in a civilian district next to the fenced-in security zone.

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