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Built by farmers, decorated by itinerant artists. The Rose Church replaced an old dilapidated stave church from the 14th century.

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The farmers built the church themselves, and they reused as much of the material from the stave church as possible. The porch ceiling and the pews have been painted in the old traditional style. The columns, baptismal font and parts of the pulpit probably also stem from the old stave church.

At the age of ten he began helping in his father's grocery store and at the age of twelve he began selling strawberries at the local market. Following high school he attended Kjøpmannsinstituttet for one year, [8] he then managed his father's store for a short time before going off to the Norwegian School of Marketing. As property director Stordalen was the architect behind the conversion of the former market area in downtown Trondheim [12] and the re-launch of Liertoppen shopping centre outside Oslo. The group recouped their investment of NOK 20 million in the first five days of the reopening. During a three-year period Choice Hotels Scandinavia bought, on average, a new hotel every other week and added 50 people to the payroll every 10 days.

The wealth of images and colours in their work are still a delight today. It is an old-fashioned style, with Baroque and Renaissance influences in the motifs and partly in the colours, which is typical of rural artists.

Rich in images and Norwegian rose painting. The murals have white and black drapery at the bottom, a large rose-painted band in the middle and Biblical figures at the top.

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On the northern side, we find Jesus between the five wise and the five foolish virgins, Samson and the lion, and Stordal dating norway and Goliath. The four evangelists are seated above the chancel arch, and on the south wall a smiling Jesus stands with the twelve apostles.

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Above the aisle, there is a greyish blue starry sky with both sun and moon, and above the pews colourful roses twist and turn, while a watchful face sends a stern look down on the women's side. A beautiful votive ship skiptvet dating steder the early 17th century hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the church, and there is a beautiful medieval crucifix on the wall by the baptismal font.

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The altarpiece depicts a crucifixion group of carved and painted figures, showing Jesus between Mary and John. Things to do in the area: The Rose Church is located at the open-air museum in Stordal together with Prestestova, dating from approx.

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The tourist route between ÅlesundGeiranger and Trollstigen passes the open-air museum, and there are a number of great nature activities and stordal dating norway pursuits on offer in the area. Sources: En reise gjennom norsk byggekunst, ed. Terje Forseth.

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