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Tracing Carter's development through some of his most creative periods, these works - from the beautiful Elegy and the celebrated Cello Sonata from through to newer pieces for solo instruments, duo, trio and string quartet - constitute nearly a cross-section of musical evolution in the 20th century's second half.

Elliott Carter has mentioned how, as a child, he could ride his bicycle all the way down Manhattan without meeting a single automobile, a stark contrast to today's permanent traffic jam. Travelling in Europe before and after the first and second world wars, and seeing the disastrous results, he felt a need to develop music that mirrors the human situation in the modern world.

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Thus, his music stands as a tribute to life. Joachim Kjelsaas Kwetzinsky is a much sought-after concert pianist and chamber musician. Anders Kjellberg Nilsson is widely recognised as one of Norway's singel i rensvik promising young violinists.

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Anders Rensvik is a member of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Yi Yang is a concertmaster of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

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