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The towns and communities are located strategically along the… Ogna churchHå Kongevegen - the Royal roadHåAlong the Jæren coastline, you can follow paths that people have walked before you thousands of years ago.

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Parts of the hike follows partially this road, and has therefore… Varhaug old CemeteryHåThe ancient cemetery at Varhaug is often describes as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country. It has a unique location close to the sea.

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NærbøparkenHå Obrestad lighthouseHåObrestad lighthouse was established in and is one of several lighthouses along the weather-beaten Jær coast and the first lighthouse to be built on land. The lighthouse was built at the same time as Obrestad harbor.

The lighthouse service was tired of maintaining wooden buildings and wanted a… Accommodation at Obrestad lighthouseHå Obrestad harbourHåObrestad havn, communal marina, water, electricity.

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The harbour is preservation area. The building of Obrestad harbour was started in and it was the first harbour to be built along the Jæren coast.

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Ogna beachHåOgna beach is a sandy beach with a rocky shoreline, polished rocks and a river mouth. Almost a hidden gem with several differences in height and a long beach line.

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Extensive stone fencing structure and lots of cultural heritage in this area. Nearby, the Obrestad lighthouse and surroundings are protected dating norway i nærbø.

Nationally, the site is a rare geological element.

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The salmon river Håelven contribute to a… Brusand beachHåBrusand beach, popular sandy beach sheltered by sand dunes. Access from the north of the beach near the parking. One of the most significant and visible geological changes in the landscape, from the hilly and craggy landscapes of Dalane, to the flat landscape north from Brusand.

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