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View of the Fusafjorden Historic church in Holdhus The district of Fusa was separated from the municipality of Os in to become a separate municipality.

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Initially, Fusa had 3, residents. On 1 Januarythe municipality of Fusa was divided into three separate municipalities: Hålandsdal in the east population:Strandvik in the south population: 1,and a much smaller Fusa in the west population: 1, During the s, there were many municipal mergers across Norway due to the work of the Schei Committee.

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On 1 Januarythere were two changes to Fusa municipality. The Bogstrand area of Fusa, located on the west side of the Fusafjorden population: 28 was transferred to the municipality of Os. Also on that date, the municipalities of Hålandsdal population: and Strandvik population: 2, were merged with Fusa population: 1, to form fusa dating site much larger municipality of Fusa.


The name may be derived from the Old Norse word fúss which means "eager" possibly referring to a strong stream. The name may instead have been derived from the old verb fusa, which had some meaning referring to running water.

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Untilthe name was written Fuse. The arms show three blue spirals on a gray background.

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They symbolise the strong currents in the Fusafjorden and Bjørnafjorden. The spirals also symbolise the many giant's kettles jettegryte in the municipality, which were created by the water in the rocks.

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It is part of the Hardanger og Voss prosti deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. Churches in Fusa.

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